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6 Years
May 12, 2013
Great North Woods of New Hampshire
Can't say I am very happy with the PO right now. Jwhip sent me 11 NH chicks and 14 BR chicks.

Somewhere, during the shipping process, the box was damaged, and seems they opened the box to check the chicks.

The NH's arrived fine, the little BR pullets, 6 were splayed led. I got 4 of them walking, and today, with save-a-chick, has vitamin b in it for muscles, and lots of physical therapy, they are doing well. 2 I put a Band-Aid on, but one of them wouldn't move to eat or drink, so I just put it back in with the others and figured, she'd make it, or not. The other one accepted the Band-Aid, even seemed to be grateful, and I worked with all six, moving legs, massaging, ect.

They seem to be picking up today, except that one that wouldn't let me Band-Aid her. I'm watching and hoping I don't have to cull her
She is doing a bit better, but still laying down and sleeping tons. I have seen her eat, but not go to the water. She might have, when I didn't notice? I will be getting her soon, as chores are done and see if I can get some more fluid in her and work on her leg. I watch my chicks, and all birds a ton, for all kinds of reasons, so should be able to tell within the next day or so.

I did give the two worst ones, drops of the save-a-chick, by hand yesterday, so we will see. I just can not do special needs birds.

Next spring, Lord willing, I will have broody hens to hatch my own lot of the breeds I will be working on. The American Dominique's are supposed to go broody well, so maybe I will have 3 great mom hens next spring

Their shipping box was damaged and obviously opened when I got it. The DOA was recent, as she was not stiff. I'm trying to get ahold of the PO today, yesterday I was too busy working with the chicks.

I hate shipping chicks anyways, unfortunately, it's a necessary evil

Praying this is the last time I have to have chicks shipped!!!!!

Here they are.

The chickens really do have more living space than I do, even in my cabin LOL

Another pic's of the little ones. That box was there for the little pullet that had a Band-Aid on, so she could rest, off and on, and learn to walk without being knocked over. She is so smart, once she got the hang of it, she let me know, she wanted OUT
She IS doing much better today and is eating and drinking. Only one I am not sure about still.
Update. Physical therapy went well. She had a full crop when I picked her up...good sign, and worked hard to keep that leg pulled in. It kept wanting to slide out, but you could see her pull it back in and she actually managed to walk onto my hand from my lap. A little wobbly, but there is improvement. I finally saw her drink a bit when I put her back in the brooder also. She does have a hard time drinking ( her balance isn't great yet, with that leg), so I did supplement during her treatment, with some of the save-a-chick water.

Time will tell, as it always does. She's a smart little bugger. You can see she is glad for the help and is learning.

Lord willing, she will be right as rain, after a few more days of therapy and exercise. Their brooder box is 4' by 4' so there is lots of room for exercise.

Oh and the American Dominique's are doing awesome! I'd have to look at their book, but they are getting towards 3 weeks and feathering out so nice!

What a bunch of hams they are LOL I doubt, if I let them out, I could catch them. They are FAST and can fly like a bird!

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