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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Is it possible to fly birds overseas? I'm such curious. My husband and I are military and we won't be moving for a year or two at the most. However, if it comes to it and say we get orders to Germany or somewhere in the uk will the airlines let us ship two chickens if I decide at the time I have two favorites? And are there extreme restrictions like quarantines that mammals undergo or a ton of paperwork? Just curious!
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    Yes, it is possible.
    Start now!
    Call your state's Dept of Ag. Bureau of animal health and Welfare.
    You will need to get your farm certified NPIP first.
    Then you will have to get the UsDept of Ag to certify you.
    This involves having an approved vet come to your farm and test soils, housing and birds again. This is costly and takes a long time to get them to do it.
    Then the vet will be able to make export papers for you. Only the vet can do this.
    Good Luck
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    It will also depend upon requirements in the country you get transferred to. Sometimes there are loopholes for military families, but I suspect the expense and hassle will not be worth it. Sorry to be negative, but most countries have very strict rules about export/import of avians.

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