Shipping Poultry - How do I do it?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ki4got, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I'm looking into shipping a bird or 2 to a friend in need of a rooster (silver grey dorking) and wonder what I need to know/do to safely ship the bird to her. from VA to TX.

    also, I'm not NPIP, does that matter for shipping purposes? the birds haven't hatched yet (due next week), but i'm thinking sending some 6-8 week old cockerels for her to grow and choose which would work with her flock best.

    I know I need the right box and all, that's not really the question. i just need to know what else i need to do/get/have, whatever.
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    Yes, NPIP or sometimes, a vet's certificate of health and sometimes, even an additional extra permit for the state you're shipping into does matter a great deal. It must be a bio-filter box, must be Express shipping, etc. Folks are doing it illegally on a daily basis, but you can be fined for it if they catch you and decide to make an example of you.

    Here's a link for you from the USPS, from their side of it. You may want to check USDA rules-they are to prevent disease transmission across state lines. You'll need to check requirements for Texas and VA, but I'd think TX more specifically since you'd be sending the birds into their state.
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