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Jan 14, 2021
SW Nebraska
Down here in Southern Arizona, we have not gone back to full shelves since the start of covid. Feed prices are still climbing about a $1 a month so far. And our big box stores are once again running out of staples. Though Walmart and the rest have been out of eggs for weeks. Though our Walmart supercenter has had a 60% fill rate for shelves since the beginning of covid, walking down the aisles is a work of frustration as so many things are out of stock and what they do have they spread out so the shelves try to look full.

Variety has disappeared for the most part. where once we had several different brands to chose from we now have 1. Heck, I am lucky if they get a name brand breakfast sausage in every month or so. Our Walmart deli only has a few choices, that they precut and forget about asking someone to cut deli meat for you, they cut a certain amount for the day and then that's it. At least our other stores still staff the deli and will cut what they have.

Part of it might be that they closed the border during covid so the amount of shoppers dropped drastically so Walmart stopped bringing in the normal amounts and reduced staffing and hours. but it does not fully jibe with things like milk shortages that are still ongoing. Our local safeway now gets a milk delivery once a week and if you don't get there within an hour of the store opening, well to bad you can settle for that watered down stuff called skim.

The biggest thing that shows problems with the food supply is that we spent around 230- 250$ a month for groceries, now we spend almost two to three times that and buy less. And that is with me usually raising over half of our food at home. Though with the move out of state I have not replenished the freezers and like because I knew we were facing a move so it is shocking how much it costs to buy what I normally raise. Feed is costing me as of the first of October 55 cents a pound where at the beginning of the year I was paying 21 cents a pound. And while there is still feed, I have had to switch brands and types more than I like and ever have had to do in the past.
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Oct 23, 2021
This afternoon we went to Sam's club and then Aldi's. Sam's Club was well stocked but at the Aldi there was no half and half but tons of almond milk :sick Lots of little upticks in prices, things that used to be $2.69 are now $2.89 but nothing outrageous.

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