should a chicken's nest meant to be a hole or flat surface?


8 Years
May 15, 2011
one of my 7 month old Araucana hen has been sitting on her nest which is a hole she dug in the ground and i placed some hay for her she has laid 3 fertilized eggs so far and more coming , the eggs are starting to pile on each other and im getting anxious that this is not good for the small developing chicks in the eggs , she has been sitting on them most of the days but im fearing that the eggs being piled on each other will cause a problem so should i move the eggs onto a flat surface say her small bed (would this spook her and she will no sit on the eggs meaning i will have to throw the eggs away)?
Hi MrViskers,

Sorry I have no experience with Araucana or hens that don't use the nest box. I hope someone with expertise will chime in. It would be my guess that birds which are considered 'cavity nesters' like chickens would so allright on a non-flat surface. I especially think this since she dug her own nest, and thus would be able to determine how deep and steep it would be.

Good luck with your hatchlings.

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