Should be a fairly simple breed indentification


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
Please help me out? What are these girls?

I know these aren't the best...I can get better ones in another day or so. Especially of the golden-red roo (which oddly enough seemed to be a hen for the first two years of his life? According to his owner...) There is also a smaller dark red hen I would like to get More pics to come. Just wanted to see if any of you could work with this for now (my batteries died).



Thank you!
Looks like Australorp hens and, what color feet does the red/orange one have? I'd label it a New Hampshire or Production Red, but the feet are either muddy or actually grey colored. And, it looks like a hen to me - What points the owner or you to a roo?
Oh, my bad -- the roo isn't actually pictured.
He's quite obviously a manly type, just wasn't around when I got it in my head to take these.

The red-orange one's feet are a smutty grey/orange, it's not just mud.
Many thanks. My noobness to much of the chicken world shows itself, lol. I'll update this with the other two pics...I am assuming the rooster is a RIR as well then, but who knows.
I would certainly assume so. Both these breeds are the most common found, besides Barred Rocks. Interesting about the leg color though.
Perhaps she is a cross of some sort? Would that account for the colour? She is very healthy, a good layer...not sure about age though.

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