Should colors be seperate??

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  1. I have a couple of different varieties of cochins. If you look at my byc page you will see. I have a rooster for each hen of that color. Such as I have 2 hens and 1 roo of the black, and partridge. I have what I 2 splash hens, and 2 roos that I am not sure what they are. And I have a single red hen. I am thinking I probably need to build seperate pens for each. What does everyone think?
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    you dont need seperate pens unless you plan to breed them, or sell eggs as a certain color. The only problem you may run into is that with a 2/1 ratio of hens to roos, your hens may get bareback from being over breed, and if too many roos in same proximity with no way of getting away from each other they probably will fight. But to answer your original question is no you dont need them seperate just because of color differences.

    P.S. Glad this is true or I would have to have 20 seperate pens. [​IMG]
  3. What if I want to raise babies? If I want to raise all the different colors, does the trio have to be the same color???
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    With the exception of blue, black, and splash (which can be kept in a single breeding pen), all varieties need to be seperated if you want pure colors.
  5. So let me be sure what you are saying. If I put a black roo in with black, and splash hens, I will get black or splash. I dont think I have any blue. I need to post some pics so that I know the difference. I am new to this. So the partridge would need to be kept seperate to get partridge. Am I right so far?? [​IMG]
  6. My partridge roo
    My partridge hens
    my black roo
    This is the whole group. If anyone can point out specific colors let me know. I will try to get better pics but it will be Wednesday before I can.
    I know I have a single red hen. If you will notice there is some barred rock in the group but they are not cochins.
    There is a real nice roo that I am not sure what he is called. He is the 3rd from the back on the left.
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    With black and splash you will get either blue, black or splash offspring.

    Those other cochins are not partridge. They are mixed cochins so if you wanted to breed them together you could, but they are not the partridge color.

    Look at the feathersite page for pics of partridge cochins.

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