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  1. NYRIR

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    May 13, 2010
    And for how long if so? I just noticed another post in another thread saying "I only withhold feed for butchering".I didn't want to "hi-jack" the thread,so I started yet another [​IMG] I was hoping to butcher tomorrow for the first time but now I'm not sure what to do! Thanks for any help! [​IMG]
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  2. deerman

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    12 to 24 don't have to , but makes the cleaning of the birds easier....empty crop and etc. don't with hold water.
  3. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    Like deerman we always removed feed 12 to 18 hours prior to butchering.
  4. Sunny Side Up

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    Mar 12, 2008
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    I do withhold feed on my candidates because:

    1. It gives their crops & hopefully their intestines to clear out before they're cleaned.
    2. I'm such a cheapskate I don't like to give them feed they won't have time to convert to meat.

    I like to get my candidates in cages to make it easier to grab them on butchering day. So I don't have to cause them stress or me unnecessary exertion chasing them around the yard. I like to do this at nightfall, to make it easier to catch them. I put them in cages where they cannot even reach the dirt or grass through the bars. They are butchered the next day, after 12-18 hours of fasting.

    I DO GIVE THEM PLENTY OF WATER TO DRINK. They must have that, right up to the time of their execution.

    If you haven't let your birds fast before butchering, you can still do them anyway. Just take extra care cutting around the crop and around the vent, take care scooping out the intestines. If some poop comes out it's okay, just rinse it away with lots & lots of water. I wish you success with your first time processing!
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    What they said.
  6. kuntrygirl

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    So what does the term "keep them off the ground" for 2 weeks mean? And feed only corn during those 2 weeks. I have been told that a person should remove birds that are to be butchered and keep in cages that are off of the ground, so that their bodies are "cleaned out". Is this true?

    And I don't want to hi jack this thread either but I can't find this info anywhere. [​IMG]
  7. tagra123

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    Apr 28, 2009
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    Quote:Not necessary.

    We free range and don't withhold feed. We sure don't cage them 2 weeks ahead of time. I usually butcher early in the morning; most of the time before they are off the roosts so the crops aren't too full anyway.
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  8. NYRIR

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    May 13, 2010
    Quote:Not a cheapskate...."thrifty" as my mom calls herself! [​IMG]

    Sounds like the least poop would be good to me,so I will withhold feed first!
  9. NYRIR

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    May 13, 2010
    Quote:[​IMG] Thread-Jacker!! ThreadJacker! ... [​IMG] Good question....any answers out there for me and kuntrygirl?
  10. Captain Carrot

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    Jan 25, 2011
    the feeding of corn before slaughter is supposed to make the bird lay down some yellow fat, When you buy these birds in the supermarket they're labled as "corn fed" or "country raised". I don't bother with feeding extra corn, they get it anyways as part of their mixed corn treats.

    I don't cage the birds either, but I do start slaughtering early in the morning. Before dawn and using as little light as possible, I go into the shed and take them off the perch. Very quick and no stress for the birds.

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