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9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
New Concord,Ohio
I have had chickens since last April, I bought 27 Rhode Island Reds from our local coop. Ended up with 20 hens and 7 roosters even though they were supposed to be sexed. (three made it to the crock pot, one was rehomed and I am watching the other three. I knew very little about raising them so I searched the internet and found BYC. This has been the most helpful site ever. I live in East Central Ohio on 13+ acres. My husband and I have owned the property for 2years. We are trying to become self sufficient. He is designing and intalling a wind turbine system for our little farm. We are getting milk goats this summer. I have two cats, 3 wolf-hybrids that are 13 and 14 years old. I raised them from pups. We also have a red shepherd that we rescued last fall. I am becoming chicken obsessed and am planning on getting an incubator set up and adding some Buckeyes, Ameracunas, and possibly raisisng some bobwhite quail. Guess hubby better start building some more coops! The raised bed gardens go in this month too. Thanks to everyone who has helped me with my questions. I am glad to be a member of this site and hope that with experience I can also help newbies like I was helped.
from Indiana!

Build more coops than you think you will need

from south central Ohio
We also have a 13+ acre farmette, I call it. But no plans for all those animals, well maybe some more chickens or goats or pigs...
Now you have me doing it.

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