Should have gone to work today

Solsken Farm

12 Years
But couldn't because my son greeted me this morning by throwing up on me. I was secretly "happy" as I spent the weekend building coops and was exhausted,. Plus I hate "spring ahead" and couldn't fall asleep last night because I knew I had to so I could get up an hour earlier to do my barn chores. so not having to go to work was AWESOME. Don't judge me, I felt terrible for my sick little boy, but there was a total silver lining along with his malaise. My baby seems to be feeling better. But I am still in my jammies, have posted more today than in the past 3 months, and just ordered 40 more chicks and several dozen hatching eggs. Plus confirmed I might get some overflow Sebbie goslings from a sweet gal here.

LOL, time to get dressed now. My other 2 kids will be home any minute.

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