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    In a few nights, it will be going down to -14 degrees F. Should I put in a heat lamp? I have 7 chickens in an 8x10 non-insulated coop, but one chicken always sits by herself on a different roost while the others cuddle together and I feel bad for her. Will the heat lamp make the humidity worse? I don't want them to get frostbite and I don't want a coop fire, but will they be alright without a heater?
    Also, for those chickens with big combs, what is the minimum temp to put Vaseline on them? is it anywhere below freezing, or only when it gets really cold?
    Thank you!

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    If they haven't had heat yet, they should be fine. I have never put vaseline on a chicken's comb, and it has gotten well below -14 here. Humidity is your worst enemy as far as frostbite is concerned. Make sure your coop is well ventilated and it will make a huge difference. This is a great thread for anyone questioning whether or not they should heat their coop:

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