Should I bathe this broody?

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    We are on day 14 of my first broody's 2nd attempt to hatch eggs. She left the first nest at day 10, but didn't break her broodyness. So I set her up with some fertile eggs from the fridge. Went to check on her today after I had put treats out for the others & she jumped off the nest to get her share. My Goodness! The stink! She seems to have 'lost' 2 eggs, leaving only 3 in the nest. I thought she wasn't eating or pooping, but obviously she's pooping in the nest. The eggs were filthy and laying on the bare floor with hay piled all around the sides. I quick washed the eggs in warm water (I couldn't help myself) and put more shavings in the nest 'bowl'. I candled the eggs, but couldn't see a thing, which I hope means the chicks are fine. She's back on the eggs.

    The thing is, the underside of Hazel is very nasty with her feathers all clumped up with poo and what is probably a broken egg. Should I give her a quick bath?
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    First off, she must not be taking a break so you'll have to start getting her off the nest for at least ten minutes a day. Second, when you wash an egg you remove the protective covering that keeps bacteria out, and they can get rotten easily if left outside of the fridge. She might have cracked a rotten egg. I would give her a bath, but it might break her from broodiness. If she doesn't then give her some fertile non washed eggs to sit on, and make sure you block her off her nest for ten minutes a day. Good luck! [​IMG]

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