Should I be concerened about this...?


Mar 20, 2018
South Carolina
Hey! Been lurking around these forums but haven’t had the chance to post until now. We recently bought a cuckoo Marans who’s about 8 months, whom we have named Noir (her sister’s name is Blanche). We’ve been exposing her to the rest of the flock but have otherwise been keeping her in quarantine. Today we fully integrated her. It went quite smoothly, actually. However, this afternoon when I checked on the flock to make sure they weren’t trying to kill each other (they weren’t, thankfully) it seems Noir lost her voice (if that’s possible).
It’s kinda hard to explain it, so here’s a video of her this morning, pre-integration:

And here’s her post-integration, when I checked on her this afternoon:

The clucking at the beginning is the rest of the flock eating a cabbage we hung for them. The airy whistle-like noise is Noir. It’s easier to tell when she turns her head.

She’s not having any other symptoms: poop looks normal, she was eating both the cabbage and the chicken feed, she’s scratching and foraging like any other chicken. She may or may not have drunken anything, but she was standing by one of the water filled buckets we have for the girls in the run, so there’s that. Should I be concerned about her? Or is this just her adjusting to her new environment? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
That's just a different kind of chicken talk but nothing unusual. To me, it's almost like they're talking to themselves when they make that sound. She looks like she's just checking things out.

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