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  1. I got my first egg tuesday evening from a 18 week old americauna, but nothing since. I don't care if i have to wait or maybe it was a fluke or something i just don't want her egg bound. She is in the coop with a small run so i know it's not hidden anywhere. The only thing i can think of is, i was keeping my 18 week old rir roo with them and he was making them nervous. i decided to separate him since he was trying to mate everyone!!! The problem is he would peck at them and even made one bleed pretty bad, so he is in the dog house so to speak. I think the hens seem more content without him in there, so maybe i will just get him a companion roo til they are old enough to mate.
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    Im sure they will pick up laying again soon. Probably the stress of an agressive roo! Hope they start laying again soon for ya! I wouldnt worry tho. Sometimes they lay one...then waite a few weeks to lay again. Sounds like they are just gearing up!
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    Yep, it will take a month or so maybe longer for them to get the daily egg thing down.
  4. I finally got another egg!!! She was squawking so loud i heard her from the house and ran to the coop! I thought maybe there was a predator, i checked her vent and nothing and placed her in the nesting boxes. I went back out 10min later and the egg was waiting for me and she looked so proud! It was 7 days later, wow.
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    YAY! Now time to cheer them on so they lay more!

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