Should I be worried?


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I am on my second round of chicks, using a new brooder box. We have 5, 10 day old chicks and 2, 3 day old chicks together. However, at least 2 of the 10 day olds have watery poop...pretty consistently. All of these chicks have been vaccinated for Mareks and are on medicated starter. They are eating and drinking well; running all over the place. It is hot here, so I have moved the brooder outside where they can access the ground if they want. I don't think they are too hot. They are shaded and are enjoying pecking about.

I fed some cooked oatmeal this morning. What other tricks should I do or should I not be worried?
when chickens are hot they drink a lot and their poop can get pretty runny. Mine have the problem for most of the summer here in Texas it's already in the 100's they drink all day long. In the second sticky on top of these threads there is a link with photos of healthy poops. Hope that helps!
I have the chicken poop page bookmarked. LOL. I just did not know if it happening so frequently was a big deal. It is making me have to clean the litter more often due to the wetness.
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