should I be worried


8 Years
Aug 10, 2011
Hanford, ca
My black sexlink has stopped laying again. She started laying around the last week of January and stopped around the first week of February but started again around the last week in February but stopped around the first week of March only to start again around the first week of April and now she has stopped again. What should I do.
I have another problem I bought a new baby chick the middle of March it's a New Hampshire Red I've had her little over a month she sleeps in the house but I ket her run around with bigger chickens but my RR, BSL likes to chase her. My little chick eats the layin pellets and the big birds eat her starter food will that hurt them.
And how do I get my RR to sleep back out in the coop and not in my house, she started sleeping in my house when she was molting and my EE was picking on her since then we have added another section onto the coop so my EE sleeps in one side and my BSL slleps in the other side


9 Years
Feb 27, 2012
NE Illinois/SE Wisconsin
Lots of issues here:

Your new layer will be inconsistent with timing, size, and texture. No worries.

Your in-house bird should be added onto the roost in the dark after everyone else has settled in and are sleeping.

A chick shouldn't have the layer. How old is it?

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