Should I bring limping chicken in for the cold night?

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    May 20, 2011
    Folks - One of our Orpingtons, probably our favorite, has been limping for the past few days. I cannot see anything obviously wrong with the leg, I do not see any frostbite or bumblefoot. She hops around a bit, but mostly just sits in the corner of the coop. She's been interested in food, but this evening was interested in taking treats (bread, she loves it) but wasn't interested in scratch or feed (and she usually wants the feed when I add fresh into their feeder in the evening).

    It's going to be down to below zero here (northern CT), about as cold as it ever gets. I'm worried about Violet and wondering if I should bring her inside. If I do, what do I do after tonight, since it's still going to be cold for some time to come. Does bringing her in for a night or 2 commit me to keeping her inside for the rest of the winter? Is separating her from her little flock going to be stressful for her, and maybe worse than leaving her in the coop?

    FWIW, the coop is pretty well sealed up, and and they have water kept warmish with the light bulb in a tin trick, also I keep a 150watt heating bulb going in the coop (which is 4' x 8', about 5 foot tall) during the night during this weather. THoughts?

    I'd appreciate any advice -

    Ken Platt in Granby, CT
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    Feb 4, 2014
    I have a red pullet that had feet it couldn't walk on.It thawed out then i put it back in the flock.Doing fine so far.:) Hope this helps!

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