Should I change the temp...?


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Just brought our 6 chicks home today, the feed store got them in yesterday. So probably 2 or 3 days old? 4? Anyway, my digital thermometer laying where the brooder lamp hits strongest says it is 93.6, but none of the chicks are laying right under the light, and none of them are cuddling.. They are all in the general vicinity, but spread out. Instinct tells me they are good, but I thought they were supposed to be between 95 and 100? If they seem happy, should I just leave it as is?
I'd just leave it how it is. If they don't seem uncomfortable and aren't clustering for warmth I'd call it good! Hope you have fun raising your new babies!
Thanks everyone! That's what I felt like, but what do I know?
It's nice to have confirmation.

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