should I continue to rearrange chickens on perch so Lilly can get the spot she wants?


6 Years
Mar 1, 2013
I have six chickens, 18 weeks old. They have been roosting for quite a long time now. I end up going out to the coop after they have all settled in to be sure everyone is up on the roost. There is usually one particular chicken that is not on the roost, but standing on the poop board instead. She is the bottom chicken and instead of just taking an available spot at the end of the roost, she is trying to get in a spot where someone else is. I usually end up just pushing everyone over a little bit so she can perch in the spot she wants, but I think in doing this I have created a bad habit for her. Fall is coming and winter will soon be following and there is no way I am making my way down the icy hill in my backyard to rearrange chickens. I am thinking I should just stop doing it tonight and everyone will figure it out on their own. It just makes me sad to see her alone on the poop board.

Of note: None of my chickens are aggressive or particularly mean to her and I have never seen anyone peck anybody so I don't worry for anyone's safety.

What would you do?
I had the same habit but I got tired of rearranging 60+ chickens so they all had a spot and realized they had a spot on whichever roost they wanted,now they all get up on their own and the only chickens who sleep on the lower roost are my bantam cochins. I also added a few additional roost bars for them,the amount of bickering reduced as well.
I feel your pain. I have a hen I need to remove from the nest box every night and put on the roost cause she can't stand the bickering period when everyone is getting settled.
Leave them alone. She'll get the spot she deserves from the other birds, you putting her up there isn't helping or changing anything. If she wants it bad enough she'll get it. If she's just not dominant enough she'll settle for another place. Just make sure there's enough room for everyone.
Thank you! I completely agree that I need to stop meddling and everyone will figure out where they fit in on their own. She just looks so pathetic standing on the poop board below the perch trying to squeeze herself third in line in the row rather than taking the end spot. I do have plenty of room for them. There are several feet on the end of the roost that is empty and I have room to add a second roost beside it if they decide they want to spread out more. They tend to sandwich themselves together right now. She needs to figure it out before winter or else she will be very cold sitting all by herself.

Thanks again!

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