Should I convert the shed?

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  1. NovaAman

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    Ok, when I bought my house, there was this shed on the property that was full of junk. Even some chemical junk from cars. It has a earth floor in it, and I am worried that might be a problem. Its a big shed, has some shelving units that'd make great roosting and nesting area's. Also I noticed some of the beams at the edges that stick out from under the roof have deterioration issues. I priced out how much it would be for me to convert this thing, and how much to just build my 10x8 coop, and it'd run about the same price. It is a metal shed, stays dry well ventilated. would have to run electric out to it for winter lighting... But concerned about the oils, car fluids, start fluids/ ect that was out there and soaked into stuff... Should I just build new and use the shed to continue houseing lawn tractor, snow blower, ect?
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    If it was me. I would start new. I guess all those chemical in the soil make me nervous being chickens scratch all day long in the dirt.[​IMG]
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    Renovation for the same price as building a new one?? I would just start over. If you renovate and your chickens have problems you will be without the cash you need for a new one.

    Good luck and be sure to post pics when you are done. I love looking at other peoples set ups.
  4. NovaAman

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    Thats what I was thinking too. I was looked at kinda funny when I voiced my concerns about it, kinda chuckled at. I just don't want my girls and roos to get ill, and I really can't afford to lay in a new floor material, thats just completely out of the budget, and I am not sure a deep litter method is good enough. Call me picky.
  5. Noymira

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    If it were just the flooring material you were worried about I would replace that, but if the rest of the structure needs that much work- for the same cost as new, I'd probably go that route.

    If it were just the floor that were an issue I would maybe remove the top foot or so of dirt, add gravel and maybe a stall mat or some other moisture resistant material. But then you might have concerns about the ground in the run near the shed, so overall you are probably better off building new on a different site.
  6. beth14kk9

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    Jul 2, 2009, a metal building can heat up pretty badly during the summer.
  7. NovaAman

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    Ok.. Definetly just going to build a new house for them... I think I am going to do a condo style thou with one set of stair to the lower and one to the top... This aught to be fun... but then again, I might not get that creative... we'll see.
  8. EweSheep

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    I had a friend that had a shed like you were talking about.....she didn't have a backhoe or grader to remove the topsoil that was leaking from tractors and cars. She put down heavy duty stall mats and never had an issue with chickens digging into it. She still has it for almost 25 years. She had to save some money and worked very well for her and her chickens. Never lost one either.
  9. NovaAman

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    Well thats a good idea. I just saw on craigslist interlocking mats to cover a 10x10 foot area. Something to consider. Thanks.

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