Should I feed my meat birds at night?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Keltara, May 30, 2011.

  1. It's my first time raising meat birds. Am I supposed to be feeding them at night [​IMG]? They are one week old. I'm feeding them chick starter 24%. Thanks for your help.
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    Hi. We raise meat birds (ordered from Welp Hatchery). Here is a link to their Cornish Rock Broilers Care Guide.

    We follow this guide and have had great success with raising healthy & juicy broilers.

    Good luck with your first batch![​IMG]
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    Most people move them to 12hours on and 12 hours off feed at some point. .

    We did this late around 4 weeks... We lost 1 bird (from 9) to sudden death...

    What we did was try to time their feed so when we checked their water in the evening (around 7) they were almost out of food. We got pretty good at the amount. Then we just refilled in the morning... Figured it was close enough to 12/12 and they grew well...
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    This is my first time with cornishX and I gave them starter/grower 20% full fime for first 2 weeks, then put food in only at night and pulled in morning 12 hrs later. Then they go to bed full and wake and finish food left over. I am still feeded 20% and they are almost 9 wks old and all are very healthy so far. Hoping we have time to process in the next week or two.

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