Should I get a wether goat ?

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    Well I have 2, 6 month old pygmy goats a buck and a doe and a 2 month old doe and will have another doe in about 3 weeks (waiting for it to be weaned) that I am buying from a guy who raises them, for $ 65 bucks he also is selling bucks for 35$ a piece and he can also fix them if requested but anyways he has about 13 nannies 1 buck and 2 wethers his wethers are SO NICE!! I was thinking about getting him to casterate me a buck while I was their to get my nanny. are wethers nice? would you prefer one over a nanny? do you think I should give him 35$ for a wether meaning is there personality worth it? info plz
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  2. BirdBrain

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    May 7, 2007
    Be more specific in your topic title and you will get more info.

    I am researching goats now and everything I have read about weathers is that they are nice. Not bucky.
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    wethers are wonderful all ours are super sweet, sweeter than our females.

    thats one of our wethers and he usually leads the rush to come and say hello. Usually when we rescue them they are bucks and we have them castrated and I do see a huge personality change.
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    Sep 4, 2007
    Your buck could probably use a companion of his own, so a wether would be a great choice! I love my girls, and my boys both bucks and wethers, although I prefer the smell of the wethers over the bucks for sure!!

    If I was looking for a pet only I'd be looking for a wether!
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    Jan 31, 2009
    like I suggested before, I'd definitely get a wether to house with your buck, so you can keep your does separate and have a defined breeding season.

    Also, I have found that a well trained, friendly wether is INVALUABLE when you want to promote your farm at field days, shows etc. because he can be lead around and can talk to people and just generally promote your herd. Plus, companion wethers are a big part of what you will be selling to people, so potential customers can see exactly what their goat will be like when it grows up, personality wise and size wise etc. Also, you can train him to wear costumes, or a rug with your farm name on it, or carry a backpack. In other words, he can be a general mascot for your farm business.

    I'm pretty sure you can show registered pygmy wethers too.
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    May 24, 2007
    If someone just wants a pet goat... I always suggest a wether first. If raised properly they are the most wonderful, sweet goats. I also agree that a wether is the best idea for a companion to a buck.

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