Should I get my chicks from a Hatchery or feed store?

Quail Kid 11

Jun 26, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
I have a local feed store near me in El Monte, (SoCal), it got great reviews, really nice people, I have been there to get supplies for my quail. In the spring it has atleast 5 varieties to choose from. So I thought I would get my chicks there. But I was also thinking if I could instead get them from a hatchery. In your opinion where sould I get my chicks from?
Do feed store sell Quail chicks?
Feed store's get them from hatcheries but not all ways a quality hatchery, but if they're just pets, it hardly matters.
You can also add your own order to the feed stores order, and you pick them up there.
Ask your feed store who they order from and if you can order chicks there.
Hello! I know this is an old thread but did you end up buying from a feed store? I'm wondering the same thing. What feed store? I'm in Tujunga, CA and El Monte isn't very far. If you got some through the feed store, what breeds did you end up getting? Thanks!
I guess A sad upside To getting From feed store is that they deal with any that are DOA. And you probably don’t have to buy the same quantity you would have to buy if you went directly to the hatchery. If you send them to the feed store you could get the breeds you wanted rather than what they’ve decided. Usually what I do is order them direct from the hatchery then I can pick them up at the post office early in the morning when they arrive I’m waiting and I go in with somebody else there’s almost always somebody that will add to an order

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