Should I give my silkies a bath??


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Dec 21, 2009
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Hey all.
I'm getting silkies soon, and Ive been looking around BYC for information and what not. And I found a thread that contained pictures
of a silkie getting a bath!! So I'm wondering, is it necessary to bathe you silkies?

My questions-

#1- Is it a must to bathe your silkies?
#2- How do you bathe them?
#3- What type of soaps do you use?
#4- How should you dry them?

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TK Poultry

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May 25, 2009
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The only reason that you would need to bathe them is if you were showing them or they were soo dirty or wet already that they would get sick other wise there shouldnt be any reason to bathe them other than if it was bothering you that they were dirty


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Apr 28, 2010
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Hey i just gave my silkie a bath too..

most people only give chickens a bath if there is a specific reason...
like they are being taken to a show..

for me i washed her because she had gotten pecked and even after it healed she had dried blood over her. also my coop flooded (long story) and she got muddy.. so she didn't look like a silkie... hahaa...

i dont think you need to wash your silkies unless you are showing them or they get overly dirty
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May 18, 2010
I have silkies and I wash them for shows. If you are going to show them wash them three days before the show with spot cleaning in between. Though even when they aren't going to a show i rinse their feet off to keep the feathers in good condition. I use mane and tail shampoo and it works really well and doesn't irritate my pullets sensitive skin! Also whitening shampoo fro dogs works really well. I will also occasionally wash my pullet because she is white and and if you let stain set on the feathers it is very difficult to get out later. These are the steps i use:

1) Get out all supplies. (Shampoo, rags, towls, hair dryer, etc.)
2) rinse first with warm water but keep in mind a chickens temperature is higher than a humans so dont have it to hot!
3) Lather some shampoo in your hands and rub it on the chicken in the same direction of its feathers to avoid pulling and discomfort
4) Rinse COMPLETLY! Once you are sure all the shampoo is out rinse it again!
5) rap in a towl to remove excess water
6) Dry completly with a hair dryer.
7) fluff feathers.
8) I also trim their nails and beaks while i have them out!

Now you have a clean happy silkie!!!
Hope this helps!
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