Should I hatch trader joes eggs?


5 Years
Feb 8, 2014
I just would like to know if fertile eggs from trader joes would hatch because they have been refrigerated?
k but can you please tell me how they are still able to hatch even though they have been refrigerated?
Many people hatch refrigerated eggs, refrigeration doesn't always kill the eggs chances but it will often times reduce the success rate. I don't know the exact science behind it just what I have read from those who do it
I hatched some trader joe eggs that were 4 days old. I had 6 go into lockdown and 3 hatched. A couple of the ones who didnt hatch were completely formed and had I helped them, they may have made it. But if chicks dont pip I usually dont help them.

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Congratulations. I have had no luck hatching Trader Joe's eggs. I tried first in my incubator and none of them hatched, even though some were fertile. I also tried putting them under my broody hen and again none of them hatched. In fact, one even exploded under her. My poor Sweetie (my buff orpington). She was trying so hard to be a mommy. Fortunately, one of my own fertile egg was in the mix and that one miraculously hatched so at least she has one baby chick to show for all her hard work. I am going to try one more time.

Can anyone tell me how to figure out when the eggs were laid?

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