5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
My chicken pipped (made a small crack no hole) yesterday morning at around 8:30 AM (the 21st day). After twelve hours only little progress was made he made only a couple of cracks and we couldnt see his beak. We picked the cracks and some of the white membrane. There was a brownish yellow area where his beak made a little slit. He continued to poke at that spot and nothing happened. Today we picked that part off and some more shell. We started to see blood so stopped. 30 hours have past, at this point his beak is out and is shaking and chirping but he wont crack the egg. We also added a moist towel under him and the humidity is at 75. The three other eggs that were with him, all silkies, have hatched perfectly in less then 24 hours. Should we help him more? Any tips? He seems ready but he isnt doing much hes just breathing heavy and moving his beak and slight chirping. Please reapond
try to help him it sounds like the membrane is dried
look up step by step guide to assisted hatching in the byc search bar
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