Should I help more or cull?

Help or cull my chick?

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Feb 4, 2017
So I have a 6 day old ameracauna chick who has been struggling with 2 slipped tendons since she was born and I have done everything I know to do... at one day old- leg bandages and chick chair all the way until today, day 5, when she came out of the chair and out of the bandages as recommended. Her one leg has okay reflexes and she tries to push against the ground but can't stand on either... she won't eat for me but drinks water and her chick vitamins just got here today. I do physical therapy with her every morning and evening when I'm home but She barely opens her eyes and is always tired, I want to help her as much as I can but if there's no hope then she shouldn't be miserable...:( please I need advice asap!
I think you have done more than I would have by this point, but only you can make the decision as far as ending it's suffering. Generally an unwell chick dies at some point no matter what you do.

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