should i help my quail hatch?


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7 Years
Apr 25, 2012
Southbury, Ct
Its been 28 hrs since my first quail pipped. At first the shell was coming off and then he got through the sack but hes just sitten there. Hes moving arounf but hes been in this position all day(about8 hrs) Should i help him out or leave him? Hoow long can he stay like that? I think he hatched a day early becaue the otheres are starting to pip now. Theres about five that have pipped and im waiting for those to hatch. Today would be day 23-24 so maybe that one isnt ready i dont know this is the first time ive hatched anyhting? If any one has any info please let me know thanks! Heres what it looks like now. Its a little blurry but the leathery part is off and hes out of the sack too and just wiggling.

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