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  1. fenris16

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    Mar 20, 2016
    hello! i am quite new to all this, having only hatched one batch of ducks before. i have a golden sebright chick just hatching now, and its not making much progress so i'd love a bit of advice from people who know what they're doing! i know the golden rule is to leave them alone, but after it didnt seem to be doing anything after others had hatched i candled it, and saw that it had pipped internally and was moving about. so i thought good, i'll let it do it's thing and it'll just be a bit later than the others. 15 hours later it still hadnt pipped the shell, so i made a tiny hole to get it started, thinking it might die of suffocation if i didnt let air in. i've put it on a damp rag to try and restore some of the humidity lost from opening the incubator. it's peeping away merrily but many hours later doesnt seem to be making any attempts to unzip at all. not even pecking at the opening. should i just leave it alone?
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    Just saw your post. If it is not out by now I would help it out personally.

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