should i insulate the roof

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    we are building an 8x12 coop with 2 rooms. a sm room for storage and 8x8 for the kids. we are insulating the walls. but not sure what to do with the roof. if we insulate it will we hold too much moisture? we have 5 windows and 2 vents up by the roof. this will be my first winter. i have 4 large breed chickens and 10 silkies. the outer part of the roof is plywood and shingles. should the inside be another layer of plywood or insulation or neither?
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    [​IMG].YES. Most of your heat in any structure is lost through the roof. Hot air rises. If you have vents and windows, moisture will not be a problem. I recommend fiberglass insulation with the paper on the inside. If you have WILD chickens that might be able to reach this consider placing plywood or paneling over insulation.
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    I have a metal roof on Eggtopia and it is insulated. There is a specific insulation made for barn roofs. It has a vinyl covering on it and it is made to prevent moisture/condensation. No need to cover it with plywood unless your kids are hyper. [​IMG] But you should be fine with the good ventilation.
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    Metal roofs almost need to be insulated in cold climates, to prevent condensation drips; plywood roofs dont tend to do that in my experience but are still well worth insulating for heat-retention reasons if you have the $ and ambition.

    No need to cover the insulation with plywood unless there is somewhere the chickens could perch on something and peck at it.

    Good luck and have fun,

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    where do you buy the vinyl coated insulation? i want to cover the insulation with plywood just so it will look good. having a hard time talking my man into that. the floors are covered in lenolium and the walls are covered in marlite which is usually used in bathrooms. kind of a panel version of tiles. we thought the coop was kind of a big potty all things considered. thought this would be easy to pressure wash.

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