Should I keep my eggs positioned "up" in lockdown, after taking out egg turner?

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    I usually hatch in my brinsea mini eco and always with eggs "laying down". I am borrowing my friends little giant with egg turner and when I candled I noticed all the embryos are located close to the air sack. This was new to me because in my brinsea mini eco, where I hatch without egg turner, the embryos are always somewhere "half way in the egg"... if that makes any sense.

    So in the LG, once I take out the egg turner, do I need to keep the eggs in upright position, in a egg carton or something, or is it safe to lay them on the side during lockdown, would it affect my hatch rate?
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    If they are not shipped eggs I would just lay them down for hatch as you usually do. In my Brinsea octagon I incubate with them set up right between the dividers. If they are not shipped I lay them down for hatch amd they are fine, no problems. Shipped eggs with wonky air cells I would hatch in cartons.

    Good luck with your hatch :fl

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