Should I Keep Them?

Broke Down Ranch

12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
In my ongoing goat saga the man I got my goat back from has 2 billy's - a Saanen and a Nubian. He told me I was more than welcome to bring my girls to his place and get them bred. So, since I was planning on keeping the two newest bucklings that are 3/4 Nubian and sons of this man's Nubian I had planned on breeding my girls to his Saanen. But, since Nubians by general concensus produce a higher fat content milk then I'm thinking maybe I should breed my girls to his Nubian billy but that would mean any girls from that breeding would be related to the 2 little billy's I was planning on keeping. Did I make any sense there? LOL

Anyway, so, should I keep the 2 little billys and breed to his Saanen or should I sell the 2 little billy's and breed to his Nubian billy then try to find an unrelated Nubian bottle billy?
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