Should I lay my eggs on their side on day 18?


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My Eggs are set to hatch on 03/13. I have them in an incubator and they are large side up. When I shut the turner off on day 18, should I remove the egg holders and lay the eggs on their sides?
Either way is fine. Folks have their preferences, but hopefully we all have the best hatches possible. I just don't like the little rowdies rolling their unhatched buddies all over the place.
They are laying on sides in the nest. I personally remove the turner QUICKLY!!! replace them in the bator lying on their sides, starting in the center of the bator, working outward. If you are using the carton method, You can leave them in the carton. I preffer the natural nature method! Laying on side, grouped together as if in a nest. This allows them to here each other pecking the eggs and cheeping. I feel this helps to motivate each other to keep going! Once they begin to hatch they will kick the eggs all over LOL But It is ok. I just try not to open the bator! The chicks are ok for 3 days with out water and food. I will wait 2. Then remove the chicks and candle the others. then give them another 3 days before tossing. When I open the bator, First I take it into a hot steamy bathroom. I use a room heater and the HOT shower!!! Its 100+ and probly 100% humidity. LOL I look like I was IN the shower when I come out of the bathroom. But this keep the eggs left from getting a chill and from being shrink wrapped into the shells because of opening the bator!!!!!

Good Luck and God Bless!

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