should I leave feed out or feed them once a day?


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Hi everyone!

I have 5 chickies, they're about 6 weeks old now and out in the coop. I have been feed ing them once a day, about 4 cups of a corn, grit, starter mix, 2 handfuls of lettuce, a bunch of scraps and about 1/4 of a melon. I leave water out for them obviously, but I'm wondering, should I get a self feeder? Like the water thing that just keeps refilling itself? They are fat little chicks, don't want to overfeed or starve the little babies!

Yes, get a self feeder. Have food available 24\\7. I would cut back on the corn though and use it only as a treat. grit in a self feeding tray also.

Hi, I would have food available to them at all times, but would definitely change what you are feeding them!
At six weeks they need to be either on a combo. starter/grower feed or grower feed. Everything you are feeding them - 4 cups of a corn, 2 handfuls of lettuce, a bunch of scraps and about 1/4 of a melon - with the exception of the grit should be considered treats and fed in moderation.
Wow ok at the feed store they told me to give them the corn feed and the starter mixed together 1/2 and 1/2. Ok so I'll change that. I'll put out the starter and grit available to them 24/7. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
I have water and food both outside in the run and in the coop. Right now they mostly get chick starter crumble and I mix it with with chick starter organic mash. They are 6 weeks old so I am going to start transitioning in some organic grower feed. They seem to be doing great.
My girls are about 3 to 4 months old.

I keep a feeder of Grower in the run, and a dish of it in the coop.

They're not that into Scratch.

Spaghetti, bread and eggs they're lovin'!

They don't get treats every day. Some days I just don't have time to make it over there for more than locking them up at night, which is when I bring the feeder into the shed and fill the dish in the coop.

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