Should I leave my hen and her new babies with the others?


11 Years
Feb 8, 2008
Kent, Wa
So I have a hen setting on 8 eggs. I usually hatch them myself and of coarse keep them in a brooder. But I am wondering if I should let my hen take care of the chicks once they have hatched. I have about 35 other full grown chickens that they would be with and I'm affraid the chicks will get picked on if I leave them all together. I do have other coops that I could separate them in. I'm just afraid to move her. I tried moving my hen and her eggs into a coop by herself and she freaked out and wouldn't lay back onto the eggs. She was so worried about getting back to the original coop and the nest where the eggs were. Any advice would be welcomed.
Thanks for the reply. My instinct was to move her. I just hate cooping them in an area smaller than what they're used to. Maybe when I figure out how to post pics, I'll show them. Thanks!

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