Should I let my chickens free range in winter?


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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
This is my first flock. I was nervous about free ranging period but so far so good. But winter is coming and I was wondering if I should let them out when there is snow on the ground. Will they even leave the coop? Any advice is much appreciated.
Most don't like a lot of snow, but will deal with an inch or so, especially if there are bare spots, or you shovel or walk down paths for them. It does vary by individual chicken and breed though. Some of mine think that one snow flake makes it impossible to go outside, I think my one blue cochin didn't step foot outside between October and March last year. Other ones, the bigger breeds and Wyandottes, EEs and Ameraucana especially, don't have a problem with a couple of inches of snow and will march around complaining there is nothing much to eat whole time.

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