should i or shouldnt i???????

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Apr 14, 2011
High River
I might have the chance to breed golden neck Belgian D'uccle's. Im just not to sure if i should. I guess im just asking for some other pros and cons of doing it and some opinions on the subject.
Please and thank you :)
I used to have some golden necked d'Uccles. I only had a few.

They are friendly, wonderful chickens. They are hawk bait, and aren't very cold hardy. Additionally, the hens are so very small that I wouldn't recommend having them in with large fowl roosters.

I noticed two "styles" of my GNs that I bought from Welp Hatchery (I would order from them again...they were great!). Some of my GNs were very light...almost all white with golden markings, and other ones were almost all golden with some white. I loved them both.

I am no genetics expert and I am only replying to tell you what I found in my experience.

We are switching back to large fowl as we have so many hawks and we want the larger eggs again. This is a breed/color that I would love to have again later on.
i would. my babies are very cold hardy here in louisiana. its been fluating in temps ranging from lower 20's at night and up to the 60's-70's during the day and my d'uccle rooster has done just fine along with my oegb. i plan on getting some golden necks later this year after i get my porcelain, mille, and self blue flock going good.

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