Should I Take a Turkey?

Aunt Angus

Crossing the Road
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
I have read about blackhead disease, so I know there's a risk, but here's the sitch:

A friend had 2 turkeys for years, a tom and his hen. The Tom died a couple of weeks ago after a predator attack, so my friend wants to rehome the hen because she has decided to pen her flock after aforementioned attack. She doesn't have enough room for this lone hen in the run. She's been free ranging her, but the hen is now the only turkey on the property, and there's a predator on the loose. Bad juju. She's been keeping her in her garage at night - lol!

So far, no one has stepped up to take her turkey girl. Many have offered to take her for freezer camp, but friend loves this turkey.

I have a large enough run for my chickens and ducks that's pretty predator-proof. I've always wanted a turkey, but I've shied away because of blackhead disease. But this turkey was raised with chickens - no prob - and is trying to get back into the chicken flock.

Am I crazy for considering adopting this turkey? Anyone had problems with mixing turkeys and chickens? I would quarantine, of course, and do a slow integration.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advance!

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