Should I take chicks out of nest box?


12 Years
Nov 27, 2009
hobart indiana
This is the first time I let my bantam cochins hatch their own eggs. They hatched this morning. Nest boxes are about 3 feet above the floor. Should I take them out and put them on the floor?
I'd leave them in the box for a few days. I'd also prepare a box on the floor of the coop for when they decide it is time to take that first leap! Once one goes, the rest will follow. Then, they'll have new digs waiting for them.
Yup... Cuz they won't get back up... I always place my broody on the floor when the chicks hatch, in a nest box. Then of course, you get a broody like mine who took her babies out side when they were 3 days old! Now I have to set her box on the ground, and when they all go in,I pick it up and set it back in the coop.

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