Should I take duckling away, HELP!?


Sep 22, 2021
So im in a little bit of a pickle!!!
I have 2 runner ducks females, one cayuga male and female. So all three females have been using the same nest they refuse to use the other 2. I try and Try but they wont i only have one duck pin at the moment. Only two of the eggs have hatched so far, but momma is really stressing and she now doesnt want to set on the baby unless its outside of the pen. I tried a nesting box and moved her and the baby but its now made it worse! The weather is changing to cold rain and I have cats that like to eat things, so question being.... do i just take the duckling away?


9 Years
Aug 22, 2012
Odessa, FL
ugh. Yup. Take the little one and keep it safe. You may need to keep an eye - if she's not sitting on the nest the other eggs may not hatch. Perhaps an incubator or at least a heating pad... good luck!

Crazy Maizie

Jul 3, 2020
2 eggs hatched, but you only have 1 duckling?
You could attempt to move the mom, egg, and duckling to an isolated area like a huge dog crate where she has room for food and water plus baby. Then, she most likely wouldn't be as stressed.
If you brood the duckling yourself, hope the other hatches so that it's not alone.
Maybe next time, the broody duck and eggs should be isolated in the beginning of the nesting phase so that these things don't happen and the mama duck isn't stressed.

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