Should I take them?

If you want them yes, but dont get them just because they are free, or a month from now you will be placing that add, wanting to get rid of them.
I'd check into it assuming you know how to tend goats and are truly interested in them. But do a thorough check-up to make sure they are healthy. Assuming they are healthy and well taken care of... I'd take them in a heart beat! Nubians are great milkers! So are lamancha from my understanding.
good advice.
Make sure they have had their shots! The buck needs to have his own pen plus another friend such as another buck or wether!So you will need to get one for him. NO DOES in there with them. He will be good to have if you breed. He will smell!!! The girls dig that

Now for the does. Nubians get big! the size of a small pony. That being said, they are beautiful and with that many you will need a good size pen! they are all milking breeds.

I am curious why she is getting rid of them? Nubians are like 150 + and lamancha's as well. Are they sick? Cause if she was broke she'd sell them.

Maybe start with the doelings.....2 is alot to tend to but if you have the land and they are not sick....go for it!
yeah I have 4 pygmy goats and used to raise boers I have about a quarter of an acre fenced for my pygmies chickens ducks etc. I was just wondering what you guys thought because most of the time people don't just get rid of that many goats at one time for free in less they are sick
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I'm going to have to ask 1)why is she giving them away 2)are they healthy 3)does she have the tests to prove they are healthy? I'd say don't take them unless you want to chance spreading disease to your other goats. I have friend who bought goats from a lady who came highly recommended. It's been 3 months since my friend bought her goats, they're still coughing and guess what....they have CL

I've learned that I will never buy another goat again unless it's been tested and come back with negative results at least 2 times.

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