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    so my birds are not normal chickens they stay out after the sun goes done but I have poarch lights on so that could be why now that we are getting down in low 50's at night almost 40's instead of chasing them back in at 8:30 - 9:00 like tonight they went in on there own and on there roost at 7:30pm. I dont keep lights on for eggs but so I can spend time with them when off of work other wise I would only see them on weekends that is not accatable. so my ? if they start going in should I start turning there inside coop lights off when there up on there coop and settled for the night or just leave the time to go off at 8:30pm I dont know what they would want but they seem to sleep ok with the lights (there very dim lights from lows out side garden lights basicaly 12 white christmas lights with bamboo around them.)
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