Should I vaccinate a Broody's chicks for Mareks?


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I have a BO that is going broody so I am toying with the idea of getting some fertile eggs for her to hatch. All my chickens are hatchery stock and have been vaccinated for Mareks. If I do let her hatch some, should I vaccinate them? If so, where do I get the vaccine & any advice on how to do it would be appreciated.

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give the Chicks ACS crumbs that will vaccinate against cocci

as for Mareks

well not for 8 chicks and you should be ok

why I say not for 8 chicks is because the vaccine comes in does of 1000 chicks and is only viable for 3 months

that's 350 chicks per 21 day hatch if you don't want to waste it

also you need a vaccinating machine and the chicks must be vaccinated on day they are hatched and no later
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