Should my brooder light be centered or off to the side?


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Jul 20, 2010
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We are in the process of building some brooders and was wondering if the light should be in the center or off to the side? I would think in the center, but my hubby says it won't really matter as long as they can get away if they want to. I feel that in the center the heat will be more even out to the edges.

This is out shelving unit turning into a brooder...Pictures aren't that great but we aren't finished either. Still gotta put some doors on them.


This is another brooder that we got from my sister (it needs some TLC)

I have another cage that I have used before- a wire dog kennel with chicken wire wrapped around it--just in case my chicks grow quicker than I am thinking. We went to MFA today and bought 100 lbs of chick grower crumble. I gotta figure out how many waterers and feeders I need though...and need to build a feed trough for them when they get a bit bigger.

I am getting 125 chicks on the 24th! Whoop Whoop!
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I have 106 little guys. I started out with 3 shelves that were 22" x 48", and By the time they were 3 weeks old, I had to move them to much larger quarters. My larger "brooder" was made from a pick-up bed liner with a bedsheet tent over the top.

I recommend having the light to one side, and the water in the center. It makes it easier for you to lift it out and in for refilling.

Here is a pic of what I had my guys in from weeks 3 - 5. It may help give you an idea of the space you will need.

That brooder with the hammer is very small.How many chicks do you plan to put there;what is the watts of your brooder lamp and how close to the chicks will the light be?

the one with the hammer is the top level and it is about 3x3 (so there is 2 of those) The other one is 4x4. We have the red heat bulbs-so 250watts but it is out in the barn and the temps at night are still below freezing. The chicks will only need to be in the small brooders for 2-3 weeks then they will move to the grow-out building where we will have lights available, but not as closed in.
I agree with greyeyes. I put mine off to the side. I put their food and water on the opposite side. The water does not get too hot and the chickies can spread out to their comfort level.

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