Should we leave the light on for them?

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    Not that we have a Motel 6 or something, but we are having problems with our pullets starting to lay. They were hatched on April 15th, and so far out of 24 hens, we only have 6-10 laying. Today we gathered the most eggs - 10. We have 2 adult hens in addition, so 2 of those 10 were their eggs. Last night we decided to leave the lights on all night, and so today we had 10 eggs instead of 2-6 that we had been getting. Our question - will it hurt them to leave the lights on all night? Do we need to put the lights on a timer? Why are our hens laying so late....we expected them to begin laying last month. We have a variety of breeds - did it on purpose for a pretty flock. Buff Orphingtons, Wyndotes, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Speckled Sussex, White Giant, and several others - all Heavy Breeds and brown egg layers. We would really like you opinion. This is our 5th year to have chickens, but we had to sell all a couple years ago because of my husband's health, and are just now rebuilding our flock. We did have 200+ before, but are relatively new to a backyard flock. We live on 3 acres in the country and the chickens have a great "palace" to sleep and lay in that my husband built when he was feeling better. Love this site and would really love your input. Clucks from North Caroina![​IMG]
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    if you want your hens to lay during the winter , keep coop at around 74-76* , Lights on about 16-18 hours a day ( heat lamps also if needed ) , and from some reading ive done , a green light helps keep them calm and produce . Everything i have mentioned is what i do and still get eggs everyday from all of them . Only thing im having trouble with is keeping the temp right now hehe
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    Quote:temp not so important as light and no, leaving a light on all night will not hurt them but they will not "rest" and some folks think it unkind to not give them the winter off. Your buff orps will lay with a little light even if it's cold because of that think layer of soft feathers that they have. It's kind of a waste of energy though to leave light on all night. I currently have my lights on a timer to come on a couple of hours before sunrise and go off again an hour and a half after sunrise (coldest time of day) They should be warm enough given their age without having to worry about keeping the temps up real high. Especially for 6 month old pullets. It would be different if they were much younger.
  4. I leave a 60 watt energy saver light on in the barn.

    The chickens just turn their heads around and go to sleep.

    If one of them gets knocked off their perch, then they can

    find their way back to a roost.

    I have noticed that the flock takes a nap in the daytime anyhow

    so a light is really not going to keep them up.

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