Should you cull a chicken away from sight of your flock?


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Sep 16, 2019
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I am not sure what forum this question belongs in, but figured meat birds equals culling (or is it butchering?).

I have a mean rooster and the weather is predicted to cool down in the next few days so the time is approaching to turn him into chicken broth. Should I do the whole culling and such away from my birds?

They free range and I was thinking of doing it in my backyard, which they tend to walk around every where not just where I’m trying to do it. Should I do everything far away from them so they can’t even get a glimpse of what I’m doing? Will it scare them and make them think they’re next?

Two roosters are friendly and come near me, I don’t want them to then run away from me because they saw me cutting up their former buddy. Thanks!!
My only suggestion is to make it quick and don’t chase him around too much because they do seem to remember that.
This year I decided to do something different when it was time for the meat birds, turkeys and culls to die - set my alarm for 5 am and with only a red headlamp killed everyone in the dark, pulling them right off the roost and did it in the coop, it was the quickest and easiest killing day yet!
.22 for turkeys, broke the necks on the chickens.
Yeah none of mine are meat birds. Some are dual purpose but in my head they’re more for egg production.

Getting him at night would be a really good idea. We already have him secluded and not free ranging so catching him won’t be an issue.

I’ll talk to my husband and suggest doing it at night since it’s only one bird we will be culling. And better to be out of sight from my layers. If not, then we’ll do it far enough away in an area where they don’t roam to.
Yeah, more "butcher" than "cull", though many on here use the terms interchangeably. Cull just means to select. You don't have to kill them, you might sell your culls at auction. Or house them in a way that you don't hatch a certain hen's eggs.

I butcher mine out of sight of the flock, mainly because that is how I'm set up with water and shade. I don't know if it would traumatize the others if they saw you kill and butcher a flock-mate. I suspect not much if any and not for long.

I would not want to butcher where the other chickens have access, mainly for my convenience. I haven't done it so I don't have that experience, but I just would not want them around. They poop wherever they go, I don't want to deal with that when I'm butchering and handling raw meat. I'd consider it possible they would come looking for scraps. When I butcher I keep a separate bucket handy for certain bits that I feed the ones left after I'm finished so I'm not worried about them eating chicken. I just don't want to have to keep an eye out for them when I should be concentrating on that sharp knife in my hand.

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