Show Clinic in Maryland on June 18th - with APA licensed judge


Fancy Banties
11 Years
May 8, 2008
Sharpsburg, MD.
The Show Clinic will be held on June 18th in conjunction with The Maryland Poultry Swap & Farmers Market.
Green Hill Farm
5329 Mondell Rd.
Sharpsburg, MD. 21782

APA licensed judge, Paul Gilroy will be on hand to discuss things like conditioning, obtaining quality breeding stock, finding area shows and what he looks for in a winner! Master breeders will be there as well to get into things like selective breeding, line breeding, in and out breeding, banding and record keeping.

It's only 2 bucks to enter your bird(s) and the donations go to support the MD State Poultry Association

This will be a great event for the showing newbie as well as the experienced fancier.

I'll be showing a black rosecomb roo, a hen and a RC pullet.

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