Show me the eggs!


6 Years
Mar 29, 2013
I have five pullets we hatched out earlier this year, now 23 weeks old. They are all large fowl, and are from a local farm. My feed store girls were all laying by this age, but I know I may have to wait longer b/c these aren't production chickens. My only worry is that if it gets too cold, or the days too short, they won't start laying until spring. Do you guys have pullets start laying during the winter, or do they seem to hold off for longer days? Here are a few shots of them, I think for the most part they look ready to lay, but they aren't squatting for me yet.

OE-Brooke, in the back, EE-Daisy and BLRW-Chippy in the front.I know the BLRW has a bum comb, but since we don't have a roo and she is a pet, doesn't matter to me.

EE-Cupcake in the back (grey), BLRW (black)-Amber in the middle, BLRW-Chippy in the front

Brooke, Daisy and Amber again

Daisy and Brooke

Cupcake-middle, Chippy front. The hen in the back is my broody extradoinaire that hatched them for me. I think these two look closest to lay out of the five pullets.

The two EEs, Cupcake and Daisy

BLRW Amber, couldn't get her to look at the camera, and my broody in the background. Amber's neck feathers look a little thin b/c she had a run in with my older flock, and her neck was plucked pretty badly.
So, I know it is all guessing, but what do you think? Will they give me some eggs soon? I have heard of some LF birds taking 30+ weeks to lay.
No squatting yet? Is it getting dark early there in Florida? I would think you'll still get some eggs before winter. I'm in Ohio and gosh it gets dark earlier and earlier.....
No squatting, noticable reddening of faces, but they sometimes still go pale when they are relaxed. They have been checking out the nest boxes, but the will get in and back out very quickly. The weather hasn't been very cold, but the days are much shorter. Sun isn't coming up until 7:30/8 am when it was 6:30 just a month ago, and they are going to roost around 6-7 instead of 8. I don't want to add supplemental light, and I don't need the eggs since I have six other layers, I'm just anxoius to see their pretty eggs!
Close up of my Daisy, she is my sweet lap chicken. She had an illness/injury two months ago and we almost lost her, and now she adores me. I wasn't expecting her to lay for a while, b/c she lost a lot of weight, but she may be front of the pack! We will see.

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