Show Off Your Chickens


5 Years
Apr 8, 2016
This is a online chicken show, This is not a contest and there is no prize given, It is just to show off your chickens.
Please include...
Its name, (if it has one)
Its breed, (if you know it)
A picture of it, (how ever many you want)
And Its age, (approximately)

Have Fun! Thanks for participating.
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Sparkles is a bantam Wyandotte (colour cross I think) and is not quite 2 years old. She goes broody frequently but is a star layer when she's not and she has laid all winter for me, as has her sister, Happy Mrs Chicken (who still hasn't moulted - it's been a very strange, warm winter where I am). She's great with the kids, frequently letting them pick her up, and she and her sister are always the first with their beaks in the trough! If we have bugs to feed them no one else stands a chance!

Here is Happy Mrs Chicken posing. She kicks up a terrible fuss if disturbed while she is trying to lay an egg. She's less inclined to let the kids pick her up but likes to be hand fed treats. She goes broody less than her sister and is another star layer.
this is my brown leghorn her name is gold nugget she is 4 months old believe it or not its a pullet


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