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    As a first timer... I am thrilled with everything I am learning and the cuteness of these little fluffs! The beauty as they grow is astounding!!! I wanted to start a feed where we share our new biddies or biggies for Spring 2015!

    My whole flock is new... I would like you to meet them!!!!

    Started with my two barred rocks

    This is Millie she is now three weeks old and the boss... But also the president of the welcome committee for all new biddies! She literally takes them under her wing!

    My second barred rock [​IMG]

    This is Clementine and she is the momma! Has one of my new Americanas snuggled up to her right now!

    Then of course came the buff Orpington girls... And with them came sweetness and attitude

    This is biscuit... She will go into a frenzy over a mealworm and hog the food dish. She is also sweet as can be and likes to snuggle.


    This is Maureen.. She is too sweet and as docile as they come... But can get pesky when it's time to pillage through the pine shavings..

    And together they are rotten!!!

    Then tonight my flock was rounded out by the two sweetest Americanas!!! They are amazing! And so beautiful


    This is Potter because she looks like a baby owl.

    And then Hazel who in one second find my neck and took a nap... She has won my heart!!! [​IMG]


    Hazel has an impressive wing

    Here is Millie now almost three weeks old.. Keeping an eye out for her flock from atop her roost!


    We love our babies!!! We want to keep them healthy and comfortable for their time inside with us!!! Hope to see them all become big beautiful hens!!!

    So there is my new flock!!! What about yours????
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    What beautiful chicks - did you get them from a breeder?
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  3. richardwhite

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    Jan 13, 2015
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    Just got these three little ones from an awesome couple that are breeding a lot of amazing chickens. Got lucky and just so happen to have a few of these easter eggers left when i picked my quail up! Been a long wanted addition to my flock of buff orpingtons and one rir/ee mix. Cant wait for them to join the flock when they get large enough!
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    Here's a few of my 12 bantam Orpingtons:


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